Faculty and Staff Bronco Cards®

Obtaining Your Card

WMU faculty and staff can obtain a Bronco Card® at the Bronco Card® Center located in room 109 of the Bernhard Center. You need to bring in the letter of employment to get your Bronco Card® and any form of picture identification. There is no cost for the initial card.

Replacing Your Card

If you lose or if the card is damaged, a replacement Bronco Card® can be obtained for $30 by going to The Bronco Card® Center, located in room 109 of the Bernhard Center. We will only be accepting cash or credit for these replacement charges.

Your Bronco Card® can be printed while you wait; it takes only a couple of minutes.

Bronco Cards® should be kept protected and separate from keys and other cards.

The Bronco Card® Center provides card jacket at no cost for students (supplies limited).

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